50 Best Pixie Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts To Try In 2024

A pixie-bob haircut is short for women and its length varies between a pixie and Bob (between the length of the ear and the neck). For the edgy ladies who like cutting their hair, this trendy cut is a good choice! While it’s not long it is surprisingly the hairstyle can be so versatile! It’s able to go from a single-length and twisted, to messy, and shaggy, to sleek, with the full fringe on the front or beautiful side bangs coupled with a stylish style color. Women with the most gorgeous hairstyles on TV and who support the trend of cropped hair are Emilia Clarke, Zendaya, Mia Farrow, and Shailene Woodley. All thanks to the OG Pixie Bob the queen Audrey Hepburn, who rocked the look in her natural hair! The other benefit is that with a shorter haircut will require less care! However, if you get too much in love with this style the trim is scheduled monthly to keep it in check. The pixie is effortless chic and utterly stylish. It is a blend of two of the most popular haircuts for women which are the pixie as well as the Bob. It’s essentially a lengthier variation of the traditional pixie in a way that looks like an hairstyle called a bob. It is cut typically around the ear , about a little above or below the the chin, and it is shorter at the back and has an elongated the top. This hairstyle is attractive to many people and is easily adaptable to your preferences and complement the shape of your face as well as hair texture. The short hairstyle is becoming popular due to its versatility. It’s also easy to wear and looks stunning with bangs. It will give an edgy look. It can also have an edge and modern look when paired with an undercut, or trying to pull off a bold, bright shade.

1. Low Maintenance Pixie Bob Haircut

The pixie-bob haircut is a fantastic option for your next style because it’s versatile fashionable, elegant, and easy to maintain. It has its name because it’s a mix of the classic bob style and the pixie haircut which is longer than the typical pixie while keeping the layers that provide it with volume. It is a cut that is simple to wear and flatters women of all age groups. It is also able to be altered to fit your facial form and texture.

Low Maintenance Pixie Bob Haircut
Low Maintenance Pixie Bob Haircut (1)

2. Undercut Pixie Bob Haircut

When you’re creating your pixie-bob haircut, you may opt for a classic look or incorporate modern elements into the haircut to make it stand out. This can be done by using the pixie cut by a cut that is undercut. The contrast of your hair’s top layer and shorter look that is the case on the sides and back creates an interesting and effortlessly cool style. It’s perfect to make the hair that is on top appear more full and thicker. It also helps remove the bulk and weight of thick hair.

Undercut Pixie Bob Haircut
Undercut Pixie Bob Haircut (1)

3. Fine Hair Pixie Bob Haircut

Fine hair usually looks better when it is cut short. the pixie cut is an excellent choice as it’s a straightforward yet elegant style. By adding layers to hair in the same way like you would with the pixie cut, making a small contrast between the volume on the high and hair at the bottom, will make the hair appear larger.

Fine Hair Pixie Bob Haircut
Fine Hair Pixie Bob Haircut (1)

4. Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut

Asymmetrical haircuts are a cut that is defined by cutting one side shorter than the opposite. This makes for a unique design, but it is also extremely attractive as it makes your face appear more slimmer while accentuating the jawline. It also adds an edgey, cool look with the asymmetrical cut and it can make even the most traditional hairstyles look fresh and contemporary.

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut
Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut (1)

5. Long Pixie Bob Haircut

The pixie bob, also called the bixie, is a mix of the pixie as well as the bob. It is cut at various lengths, but it typically, it’s a short haircut However, choosing to wear it longer may be flattering and also a way to transition to a bob haircut more slowly. It is also possible to wear the hair longer in the front, such as layering it with face-framing and cut shorter in the back, to create an illusion of length.

Long Pixie Bob Haircut
Long Pixie Bob Haircut (1)

6. Round Face Pixie Bob Haircut

The pixie-bob style flatters all facial shapes, including round faces. The trick is to adjust the style slightly to match your features and create balance in your proportions. A well-chosen cut will create a look that is more slimmer. Consult with your hairstylist to discover the look that is most suitable for your needs, such as opting for longer length at the top and gradually thinning the hair towards the end or by adding bangs in the side to make the appearance of your face longer.

Round Face Pixie Bob Haircut
Round Face Pixie Bob Haircut (1)

7. Pixie Bob Haircut with Bangs

Bangs are among the most fashionable options for the pixie hairstyle. Bangs allow you to make a style that is playful and engaging. Bangs can be very appealing and can give you an appearance that is youthful. They can also be utilized to balance your face or draw attention to particular areas of your face, or frame your face. From the blunt bangs to the wispy ones there’s a style that will suit your style and match your face’s form and texture.

Pixie Bob Haircut With Bangs
Pixie Bob Haircut With Bangs (1)

8. Thick Hair Pixie Bob Haircut

The attractiveness of thick hairstyles is that they look healthy and full However, they isn’t easy to manage and is often susceptible to dryness and knots. Cuts to the hair’s length will enhance its condition and eliminate some weight it. A Pixie bob, particularly when layered can cut down on the bulk and make your hair more manageable , while providing you with a chic and effortless hairstyle.

Thick Hair Pixie Bob Haircut
Thick Hair Pixie Bob Haircut (1)

9. Pixie Bob Haircut for Thin Hair

Hairstyles with thin hair can be difficult to manage, but the correct haircut can hide any signs of thin or delicate hair and enhance your style. The pixie-bob style is popular due to its versatility, and is a stylish and effortless haircut that is suitable for everyone. For hair that is thin it is beneficial to have layers that can make your hair appear more dense and more full. It also gives the hair more volume and movement.

Pixie Bob Haircut For Thin Hair
Pixie Bob Haircut For Thin Hair (1)

10. Layered Pixie Bob Haircut

One of the most effective methods to give your hair dimension and depth is by strategically placing layers. Layered hair can be utilized to draw attention to your face and give it movement. Layers can be incorporated into hair with a variety of styles and textures such as the hairstyle pixie. This is a great option for those looking to have an elongated hairstyle that is lightweight and smooth.

Layered Pixie Bob Haircut
Layered Pixie Bob Haircut (1)

11. Short Pixie Bob

The pixie bob hairstyle will be shorter in comparison to a classic bob, however this style is shorter and has the cropped look that was designed to highlight your facial features, specifically the jawline and the eye. The hair can be styled to look more elongated on top and front of the face . It will appear shorter in the sides and back and sides, creating an appearance of being longer. This is a fantastic hairstyle for anyone who is looking for hair that is easy to maintain.

Short Pixie Bob
Short Pixie Bob (1)

12. Grey Pixie Bob Haircut

As we get older our hair begins to thin and the rate of growth slows. This is the reason that many women decide cuts to their hair and there are plenty of wonderful hairstyles suitable for women of older age like the pixie-bob haircut. The beauty of this style is that it’s traditional but contemporary, and combines with the very best styles. It’s also an excellent option to highlight the gray hair you have.

Grey Pixie Bob Haircut
Grey Pixie Bob Haircut (1)

13. Pixie Bob Haircut with Fringe

Fringes are a great addition to any hairstyle and can be extremely flattering. For a pixie-bob you should add fringes that compliment the cut. For example, blunt hair for a chic style or side-swept hairstyles that are a good balance for your face, and smooth facial features. The fringes can help you look younger, and disguise the signs of aging, such as wrinkles on the forehead and fine lines.

Pixie Bob Haircut With Fringe
Pixie Bob Haircut With Fringe (1)

14. Edgy Pixie Bob Haircut

A classic haircut doesn’t mean you can’t alter hairstyles to show your personal style. Many hairstyles can be adapted to suit your hair’s texture and facial shape. You can also add some the edgy aspects like fades or an undercut that give your look more character. A pixie-bob haircut could also benefit from the choppy layering giving it depth and depth and giving you an effortless cool look.

Edgy Pixie Bob Haircut (1)
Edgy Pixie Bob Haircut

15. Curly Pixie Bob Haircut

The pixie bob hairstyle works well with hair that is curly, and the way that the curls are positioned against your face will soften the look. It’s also an excellent option for those looking for an edgy hairstyle that can simplify styling their curls. The flattering style can improve your curls, and also complement its natural bounce as well as movement. To get a chic and youthful style, consider adding loose bangs that swoop around.

Curly Pixie Bob Haircut
Curly Pixie Bob Haircut (1)

16. Shaggy Pixie Bob Haircut

The shag hairstyle is easy to maintain It has become popular due to its versatility. It is easily adaptable to match your facial form and texture. It is a fashionable and practical cut perfect for women who prefer short hair . It is also cut with thick longer hair to give a shaggy appearance. This style is ideal for those who prefer a loose and loose hairstyle that is movable. It’s also fun and trendy.

Shaggy Pixie Bob Haircut
Shaggy Pixie Bob Haircut (1)

17. Chubby Face Pixie Bob Haircut

The pixie bob is more edgy than the typical bob, and is easy to style, creating the perfect mix with two haircuts. There’s a lot to like about this cut and it is suitable for any face shape. If you’re a bit chubby face, you need hairstyles that lengthen the face while making the appear more slimmer. This can be accomplished by using long, face-framing layers, diagonal bangs or by making sure that there is volume and fullness on high-points of your face, to draw attention upwards.

Chubby Face Pixie Bob Haircut (1)
Chubby Face Pixie Bob Haircut

18. Messy Pixie Bob Haircut

There’s something very beautiful with messy hair. The way hair is styled creates an airy look and texture that is perfect for everyday. It is possible to achieve this using styling products on their own or add some choppy layers. Pixie cuts as well as the bob cut are a great way to get the messy appearance and the combination of both cuts will create an elegant hairstyle that won’t be difficult to make.

Messy Pixie Bob Haircut (1)
Messy Pixie Bob Haircut

19. Wavy Pixie Bob Haircut

Hair with wavy waves is among the most gorgeous textures due to the fact that it has natural motion and volume. It makes the simplest haircut look amazing and an elegant style such as the pixie cut can be very flattering to hair that is wavy. One option you can style the hair could create a look that is unstructured and messy. Choose loose bangs or curtain bangs to emphasize your best features.

Wavy Pixie Bob Haircut (1)
Wavy Pixie Bob (1)

20. Angled Pixie Bob Haircut

If you’re looking to even out your face and soften your facial features it is possible to achieve this by cutting your hair in an angle. This means that hair is shorter on one side and shorter on the other. It is able to be altered to match the different hair textures and can be incorporated into different hairstyles. This includes the pixie hairstyle because it’s a remarkably elegant and versatile cut. The accuracy of this cut is best suited to straight hair, and it looks more unified with curly hair.

Angled Pixie Bob Haircut
Angled Pixie Bob Haircut (1)

21. Pixie Bob Haircut for Long Face

A skilled hairstylist will be able to discern your facial shape and assist you to design the cut that complements it. The pixie bob haircut should be cut in a way that hair appears more uniform throughout, instead of focusing the volume in the upper part on the forehead. It is also possible to benefit from hair layers, or add bangs to conceal a larger forehead.

Pixie Bob Haircut For Long Face (1)
Pixie Bob Haircut For Long Face

22. Pixie Bob Haircut for Oval Face

Oval faces are lucky because they are able to experiment with every hairstyle, from long to short hair, without bangs or with. The beauty lies in the variety. When it comes to selecting the best pixie bob style you’ll have plenty of freedom of choice and the ability to alter the traditional cut to fit your personal style. The ideal hairstyle will draw attention to your face and compliment your hair’s texture.

Pixie Bob Haircut For Oval Face (1)
Pixie Bob Haircut For Oval Face

23. Pixie Bob Haircut for Straight Hair

The pixie bob style is a great choice for any hair texture, even straight hair. If you’re of this type of hair this is a great chance to play around with layers that add more volume to your hair or opt for cute, blunt bangs to create a chic look. The benefit for straight hair lies in the fact that it’s easy to maintain and less likely to become tangled or curl.

Pixie Bob Haircut For Straight Hair
Pixie Bob Haircut For Straight Hair (1)

24. Colorful Pixie Bob Haircut

The Pixie bob haircut is anything more than a versatile style and you can alter your hairstyle to reflect your individual fashion. This can be done by experimenting with bold and vibrant shades, as well as artificial hues such as purple or blue hair. There are shades that work with any complexion and eye color coloring your hair is an excellent method to stand out and are different from others. The coolness of your hair’s shade can also be a great match when paired with a classic cut which makes it contemporary and exciting.

Colorful Pixie Bob Haircut (1)
Colorful Pixie Bob Haircut

25. Stacked Pixie Bob Haircut

Stacked hair is the layers of cut, which give the appearance of stacks. This is a great option for those who wishes create a appear more full and thicker It is a hairstyle that can be used with haircuts like bobs and pixies. To achieve this look hair on the back will be shorter than the hair at the front which creates subtle contrast, and providing an impression of being longer. It can be incorporated into any hair texture, but it is particularly noticeable in straight hair.

Stacked Pixie Bob Haircut (1)
Stacked Pixie Bob Haircut

Pixie Bob FAQs

What is a pixie bob hairstyle?

The Pixie Bob is the perfect combination of two cuts. It is possible to experiment with length and cut it in between the neck and the ear however, it is usually not more than your chin. It’s an extremely versatile look that could be styled many ways, like adding choppy layers, adding of bangs or even getting imaginative with details that are edgy like bright hair colors or cut-offs.

Are pixie bobs trendy?

Hairstyles with pixie bobs were in fashion for some time, but they have recently seen a revival of interest, making them one of the most popular hairstyles for women.

How can I transform my hair pixie into a bob?

A bob can be longer and more cut than the typical hairstyle, which means you’ll have to increase the length of your hair, especially at the top. When you’ve reached your desired length, you’ll need to consult with your hairstylist about how to cut your hair into the shape of a bob. The cut is usually shorter in the sides and back, and shorter on top, often with fringe.

What is the difference between a hairstyle called a bob and a pixie haircut?

The major distinction between a bob and an pixie is the length. The bob is typically a longer cut at chin level. It is great with all hair types and also benefits from the addition of bangs. Your bangs could be any of a variety of styles like blunt, wispy, or curtain. The cut is a short hairstyle cut cropped with the hair at high of head more than the sides and back and is paired with shorter bangs.

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